Earth Node

The server node on Earth has 1 drive failed, and another predicted to fail.
We have removed them from the RAID array and replaced them with the spare backup drives.
New replacement drives have also been order to replace the hot spare drives.

28th Jun 2017
Jupiter Reboot

Jupiter was reboot on 21/06/2017 midnight and was up and running again withing 15 minutes.
This was a scheduled reboot.

21st Jun 2017
Jupiter Down

Our clients have been reporting connection problems for the past 24 hours and we have been trying to track down the problem.Around 7:30sm this morning we noticed some services on the server was unresponsive and decided the best action was to reboot the server.Unfortunately due to the high uptime of the server and having not been rebooted for over ... Leer Más »

28th Jun 2016

We have converted jupiter to use mod_lsapi instead of suphp.Users on this server may notice an improvement in the speed of their webpages. There are many existing ways to serve PHP under Apache and they are all flawed in some way. RUID2 + mod_php A giant security hole that lets any user get a root account MPM ITK Very slow, as it ... Leer Más »

11th Nov 2015
Earth Spam Attack

Earth is being attack with heavy inbound spam.
We are currently working on resolving this.

22nd Oct 2015
New look and new services!

We have upgraded our website to a new look.
It is now responsive and html optimised.
Also, many new services are now being offered by us to help your business with online marketing.

26th Sep 2015
Cloud Linux

We are converting Earth to Cloud Linux tongiht.
It should take approximately 30 minutes.

22nd Nov 2013
UDP Syn Flood Attack

We have experienced UDP Syn Flood attack in the past 24 hours.

Currently we are still working to mitigate the attack.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

24th Sep 2013

Maintenance window local:     24 Jul 2013 00:00 EST - 24 Jul 2013 06:00 ES
Outage duraction: 2 Hours

Description of Maintenance:

We will be replacing defective cards to clear alarms and restore normal operation.

24th Jul 2013
Earth Reboot

Earth was rebooted.

23rd Jul 2013